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Melanie Lowe
Release of Debut Solo Album: ‘YESTERDAY’S DIARY’

Melanie LoweOctober 2004 sees the release of Melanie Lowe’s first full-length solo album, Yesterday’s Diary. One of South Africa’s favourite young vocalists, former Idols finalist Melanie has already had a number of successful singles behind her name including Every Single Thing, Little Bird, the SAMA award-winning duet Cabin Fever and Islands in the Stream. However, the South African public has had to wait to hear the full extent of this talented singer revealed on her own album. The waiting is over.

Yesterday’s Diary sees the culmination of a 10-year dream for this Durban born, Jo’burg based singer. As summed up by it’s title, Yesterday’s Diary is an album that documents Melanie’s long but ultimately rewarding journey to both musical and personal freedom, and is one of the most honest and open recordings that one is likely to hear for a long time. Yesterday’s Diary is very much a window into Melanie’s soul, capturing so much of the joy, heartache and personal experiences that have shaped her; each and every song tells a story. Is this the same girl whose powerful voice and captivating smile won over thousands of fans every night on Idols? Absolutely. But only this time, the voice and the message are truly her own, governed by a willingness to be heard and judged on her own terms. Paraphrasing Annie Lennox, one of her biggest influences, this little bird has never been more ready to put her wings to the test.

Signed up in July to up and coming record label Adventure Music, the final few weeks of recording were a flurry of activity, spent travelling between her home in Jo’burg and the recording studio in Durban. Crucially, as co-producer, Melanie was able to retain full artistic control of her album, often a rare feat for artists nowadays, and the results speak for themselves. Moreover, Yesterday’s Diary reveals what many have known for some time now: more than possessing just an incredible voice, Melanie is also one of the country’s best-kept song-writing secrets, with an uncanny ability to find exactly the right melody to bring each carefully crafted lyric to life. Having started composing at the age of 14, she has since written over 200 of her own songs – making the selection of just 11 to go on the album no easy task!

The selection of tracks range from the driving, toe-tapping first single Strange Emotion, to the soulful blues-rock of I’ll Be Gone, to the more sparse, haunting acoustic beauty of Sad Song. Apart from the universal themes of love and heartache, more often than not the latter, her songs reflect such diverse topics as the all too often mixed up nature of the music business (Blue), to a unique and powerful take on the evils of animal testing (Science Fiction Junkie). But perhaps the song that’s closest to Melanie’s heart is If I Could, a track written for Little Eden, a home for handicapped children and adults in Jo’burg. As an official ambassador for Little Eden, Melanie is often involved with performances and fundraising activities at the home, where getting to know its residents inspired her to write the song. Once more approaching the subject in her own unique way, the lyrics to If I Could are sung from the handicapped person’s point of view, asking simply for understanding and to be noticed. All royalties from this track will be donated to Little Eden.

Listening to Yesterday’s Diary, one of the most remarkable aspects of the album is that in spite of the serious, introspective and sometimes sad themes running throughout many of her songs, Melanie somehow manages to weave together a constant thread of underlying optimism. Combined with her bittersweet melodies and catchy hooks, it is perhaps this factor more than any other that makes Yesterday’s Diary so inherently listenable. It’s almost as if you’re reading another’s secret diary, knowing full well that you shouldn’t, but aren’t able to put it down once you’ve started. Only, soon after you begin you start to realise that the words on the pages don’t belong to someone else, but are very much your own. Somehow it’s Melanie’s ability to capture these everyday slices of life and who we are that speak straight to the heart of us all.

From October to March Melanie will be touring countrywide to promote her album, so look out for her in a town or city near you in the very near future. And if you haven’t heard Yesterday’s Diary yet; happy reading…


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